13 People Saved!

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Mexico is a large country with a diverse and picturesque culture. Few things impact the day to day lives of the people more than its religious roots. Sadly, this religion is most often an empty form and though it binds the people to rules and rituals, it does little to actually change their lives. Evangelizing people from this background is challenging. However, once a breakthrough is achieved people usually respond as a family unit and are quite loyal to their walk with God.

Just a couple of weeks ago I experienced this breakthrough and immediate display of loyalty. I was en route to a meeting when asked to visit a non-Christian family whose elderly mother was very sick. The invitation was disruptive to my plans, but I sensed the urgency of the moment and wanting to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leadership, I consented. Accompanied by a group of spiritual leaders I proceeded toward the family’s home, unsure of what we would find. Upon arrival we were ushered into a dark room where the elderly lady—apparently unconscious—was lying. It was obvious that she was in grave condition and needed serious medical help. The family quickly gathered and following a brief introduction, we immediately began to pray. As we prayed it seemed the Lord led us to focus on the lady’s spiritual need instead of her physical state. Just a few minutes into the prayer time, one of the men that accompanied me opened his Bible and began to recite the sinner’s prayer. The five adult family members in the room, including the sick lady, began to pray this prayer out loud and in unison. God’s spirit descended and following the prayer all five confessed Jesus as their Savior! The following day the sick lady passed away. I am thankful the Lord helped me be sensitive to the timing and leadership of His Spirit.

A week later I received a phone call from one of the pastors in Mexico with the good news that eight more people in the same family became followers of Christ. Now that thirteen new believers have been welcomed into the family of God, the work of spiritual nurturing has begun. These new believers need proper discipleship for enrichment and growth to maturity in Christ. The ultimate goal is to produce consecrated, faithful, and fruitful followers of Christ.

The mark of a true disciple is consecration—willingness to go beyond the call of duty no matter the cost to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Once a person has abandoned himself or herself to God in consecration, his or her life becomes a vessel emptied of self and filled with the indwelling Holy Spirit. What a joy to walk in communion with Christ!