Daniel Stetler (ex officio)

P. Daniel Stetler was born to Kenneth and Jewel Stetler in High Point, North Carolina. He is the oldest of six children. In his late high school and college years, Mr. Stetler travelled for over four years with his two brothers, Darrell and David, singing in weekend meetings, revivals, and camp meetings.

Following graduation from high school, Mr. Stetler continued his education from God’s Bible School. He received three degrees from his studies there: in 1974, a Bachelor of Religious Education degree with a major in music; in 1975, a Bachelor of Theology degree with a major in Bible; in 1976 a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in English.  He pursued graduate level courses at  Cincinnati Christian University where he graduated in 1987 with a Master of Arts in New Testament Studies with a concentration in preaching.

During the summers of 1973-74, Mr. Stetler visited the works of HIM in the Bahamas. He also went to the Turks and Caicos Islands the second summer. These trips greatly impacted him.

After graduation from college in 1975, Mr. Stetler became the assistance pastor of the Bible Methodist Church in Middletown, Ohio, and assumed senior pastorate later in the year. He pastored for 20 years, and during this time built a new church in Franklin in 1988.

Mr. Stetler has served in several positions in the Heartland Bible Methodist Conference including vice president. He was vice chairman of the Bible Methodist Connection of Churches when James Keaton was chairman. When Mr. Keaton ended his term in 2006, Mr. Stetler was appointed chairman, a position which he held for eight years.

In the fall of 1995, Mr. Stetler became the 3rd president of Hobe Sound Bible College and Academy. He has just completed his 20th year.

Mr. Stetler married Joan Caine on August 1, 1975. They have five children. Chad and Amy (Stetler) Snyder are pastoring in Altamonte, Kansas; Paul Stetler is the Public Relations director for Hobe Sound Bible College; Mark and Elisa (Stetler) Calderon and their son, Clarke, are pastoring in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Julia Stetler teaches at Hobe Sound Christian Academy and also works with the public relations department of HSBC. Sarah Stetler is currently President Stetler’s secretary.