All In for the All in All

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It is time that we go all in and all out for the All in All.

The words seemed to jump off the page of the book I was reading by Mark Batterson. I had to pause with that line and do some thinking about what this means for me. Am I living my life totally committed to this calling that God has given me for missions? What do I need to change in my life to be able to make this statement a reality? What does it mean for me to go all in with God? What does it truly mean to go all out for God? Am I listening completely to the voice of the All in All?

This summer gave me a fresh vision, passion, and commitment to pursuing missions like never before. I have been privileged to be born into a missionary family as well as making a number of summer mission trips to various countries. I knew from a young age that I would be a missionary, and I received a clear calling when I was in high school to minister to Muslims. When I started planning for my required mission’s internship for my studies at Penn View Bible Institute, I was impressed with the vision and direction that the Durhams were heading with their ministry. I wanted to learn from their experience as veteran missionaries. The days quickly went by until I finally boarded a plane at JFK to begin nearly seven weeks of intensive practical missions learning in Budapest, Hungary. I purposed from the beginning of this internship that it would be a life-changing event in my life. It far exceeded my expectations.

My mission’s internship this summer provided me with a wide array of ministry opportunities. Each one of those opportunities helped to mold and focus the direction that God is guiding me towards my future ministry. Throughout this internship I planned out specific areas in my life that I wanted to focus on in order to become more dynamic and profitable in relation to missions. I desired to find God’s direction in ministry to Muslims, I wanted to develop a vibrant prayer life, I wanted God to give me a burning passion for reaching the lost, and I wanted to learn the difficulties as well as joys of being a missionary.


God helped to answer each one of my prayers for this internship. Through our trip to Albania and Kosovo, two predominately Muslim countries, I was able to find God’s leading towards how I should prepare for ministering to Muslims. I was able to gain a greater understanding of prayer as well as develop a more meaningful prayer life during this internship. God helped to give me a passion for the lost by seeing the multitudes of lost and hurting people in all of the countries I visited. I was able to experience the difficulties of trying to adapt to a foreign culture, but I also experienced the joy of being able to make an impact on someone’s life. Directly because of this internship and God’s leading in my life, I can now truthfully say that I am willing and ready to go all in and all out for the All in All.

~ Jeffrey McDowell, Junior at Penn View Bible Institute