Child Evangelism in Lesotho

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Child evangelism has always been an important part of Hope International Missions’ ministry in Lesotho, but in the last year God has brought this ministry to the forefront. Our national pastors have embraced children’s ministry as the most effective tool we have available for church growth. Here’s one example of the results of this strategy. Last year in October, Angela Thornton, an intern from Penn View Bible Institute, helped us hold a VBS in the village of Ha Setho. Well over a hundred children attended the services, and most of them responded to an invitation to seek the Lord. Angela and her national helpers also challenged the children to bring their unsaved parents, older siblings, friends, and other relatives to the last day to hear what the children had learned about the Gospel. Five-year-old David took this challenge very seriously. His father was tormented by evil spirits at night, so David persuaded him to come listen to the Good News about Jesus. Mr. Lesala (David’s father) was deeply convicted by the simple Gospel presentation Angela made. After the service as the children were getting their candy and prizes, he asked the local pastor for prayer. That evening Pastor Liau and I prayed as David’s father confessed his sins and asked Jesus to come into his heart. As the last rays of sun faded in the west, the sunshine of the Gospel dawned in Mr. Lesala’s life. Young David led his father to the Lord; now Mr. Lesala is taking the spiritual lead in their home. At our recent Easter conference, I found myself wiping tears from my eyes as Mr. Lesala led David to the front of the tent to be dedicated to the Lord. His daughter Katleho has also become a dedicated Christian. Praise God for reaching into this family’s home through child evangelism! ~ Glenn Gault