Christmas In Honduras

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The malls are decorated with lights, balls, and twenty-foot Christmas trees. Santa sits in his little house taking pictures with children. For being such a poor country, the hustle and bustle of the people and the materialism would rival that of the United states. Traditions here are different depending on your social status. The middle to upper class buy many presents for their families and loved ones, but the poor buy one set of new clothes and a pair of new shoes for their children if they can afford it. The poor children are just as happy with their new clothes and shoes as any other child would be receiving a PlayStation or Xbox.

Christmas is not complete in Honduras without tamales. They are made of corn dough filled with either chicken or pork along with potatoes in the center, wrapped in banana leaves and then steamed over a fire. They are usually given out to neighbors and friends as gifts. Many families travel to relatives’ homes during the week of Christmas to spend a few days or even a few weeks. On Christmas Eve family and friends gather together to celebrate, usually eating a large supper of pork leg, tamales, rice, and other goodies around ten o’clock at night. Then at midnight they “ring in” Christmas Day with firecrackers and gunshots that continue to be heard long into the early morning hours. Christmas Day is usually low key as people sleep in late from a long night of celebrating.

~Eric Kuhns, HIM Missionary in Honduras