Education – A Vehicle for Carrying the Gospel

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Matthew 28:19 says, “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations….” Teaching is one of the most effective biblical methods of preserving the truth. It preserves people groups from being extinguished in changing times. From the dawn of creation to the church age, teaching is God’s method to expand the truth about His kingdom. The reformers used truth to liberate people from theological and spiritual bondage. God gave every patriarch a message to pass on through teaching. Unequivocally, education is God’s primary method to transmit truth from generation to generation.

Education ensures that God’s people understand success is not the result of quick growth, but rather of people who are committed to the process of deep spiritual growth. A number of years ago, one of our new church plants experienced a phenomenal period of growth. Many people invested their time, talents, and resources for its success. However, the leadership did not have a strong emphasis on systematic discipleship of the congregation, and it soon became evident that what was beautiful on the surface was without foundational substance. Sadly, that church did not survive. The secret of lasting success and expansion is deeply embedded in the scriptural mechanism of discipleship.

God blessed the vision of FEA Ministries’ founding pioneers, H. Robb French, S. D. Herron, and others, who saw education as a crucial tool needed to build the Kingdom. The very first missions endeavor occurred in 1961 with a group of Hobe Sound Bible College students who went on an exploratory trip to the Bahamas. Education played a crucial role in those early days of Hope International Missions (HIM). Since then God has helped us expand into 21 countries. Today, the possibilities for global expansion are endless!

HIM focuses on educating people from all walks of life. We do this through Christian day schools in South Africa, Haiti, and the Turks and Caicos Islands; systematic discipleship programs; and contextualized leadership training. We ultimately work to equip men and women with the knowledge needed to be firmly established in their walk with Christ and the necessary tools to go out and make faithful Christ followers. In addition, we diligently work with Bible college interns to help them form a career path to the mission field. Currently, several young people have completed their internships with us and are planning to join HIM’s growing team of missionaries.

We realize that if it were not for God’s blessing and our faithful supporters, FEA’s success would not have been possible. We are indebted to our ministry partners, Hobe Sound Bible College and Hobe Sound Bible Church, for their long standing partnership in assisting us to expand. With a 69 year legacy of ministry, we look forward with anticipation to the future God has in store for us. Our goal is to continue creating communities of believers who actively pioneer new works and produce generational disciple makers around the world. By God’s grace, we will continue to expand through education!

~Sidney Grant, Director of HIM Spanish Bible Institute