Embracing the Future

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Several years ago I stood in the living room of a family who attended the church I pastored. They were discouraged with some setbacks we were facing. At that moment things looked bleak, to the point where one of the ladies worried our church would not survive. In faith I responded, “This church will not die. God is going to do amazing things in and through her.” Praise God, circumstances changed and the church grew and was strengthened. From its ministries five new churches were started and mission work was expanded into four new countries.

It is easy to become discouraged looking at the difficulties that face our country and world today. However, God is in control of everything now the same as He was when circumstances were bleak at that church. Regardless of the uncertainty of the future, it is filled with amazing opportunities. Hope International Missions stands on the threshold of a triumphant tomorrow, and we embrace the ministry opportunities God is giving us. After fifty-four years of mission work, we are eager to continue expanding beyond the twenty-one countries where we currently are working. Ultimately we want to help people prepare for eternity before Christ returns.

In order to properly engage the following opportunities, we need you to help us pray that God will continue calling mission laborers.

  1. In Africa we are preparing future leaders in the small kingdom of Lesotho to train national people for cross-cultural ministries. As we do so, we need church planters and leadership developers.
  2. In Asia we are defining a new ministry paradigm and developing a strong hub in Taiwan and China with the intent of reaching the Southern Pacific Asian countries. We are expecting the ministries to greatly expand beyond what presently exists.
  3. In the Caribbean there is a strong focus on strengthening our existing churches and continuing expansion in the area of education. Pray that God will help as we train church leaders and that He will call nationals to pioneer new works on other islands in the area.
  4. Eastern Europe is being flooded with needy people from the Middle East and with a local humanitarian crisis. God is helping us respond to these complex problems, but we need pioneer missionaries to help develop national leaders in strategic areas such as Albania and Slovakia. We want to build the stage for new European outreach.
  5. HIM is strategically exploring two new Hispanic countries, Chile and Panama. We are praying for younger and older missionaries to pioneer ministries in these areas.
  6. Gospel Publishing Mission has over 2.6 million books in print world-wide! This is just the beginning, however, as we are planning to distribute 2.5 million books during the Rio Olympics next year. Pray that necessary funding will come in for this and other projects underway.

The future is bright for Hope International Missions as we continue to build on the legacy of the past. Thank you for joining us on this journey!

~Sidney Grant, Director of HIM Spanish Bible Institute