Engage GPM!

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Hope International Missions is happy to present the newest Engage series, Engage GPM. This sixth month program will help you understand more deeply your role in the Great Commission, obtain a thorough understanding of how God is working through the written word, discover some unique ways you can be involved in supporting Gospel Publishing Mission, and engage more effectively in missions. Through the interactive Engage services you will see how GPM continues to push back the powers of darkness through the power of the printed page. You will want your church to be a part of Engage GPM!

Gospel Publishing Mission publishes the message of salvation and holy living in any media format available, primarily using International English. Their mission is to spread the message of salvation and holy living to every corner of the globe to please and bring glory to Christ. Their vision is to publish consistently, multi-million copy media titles, distributed to every nation on earth. Now their literature is in more than 217 countries, and they have books in nearly every country on earth!

In this video series you will hear from those who direct and work for Gospel Publishing Mission as they share how literature is making disciples of Christ around the world.

A Note from GPM Director, Joe Taylor:

Over the past year HIM’s Engage media team has traveled around the world with Gospel Publishing Mission (GPM) to places where literature is inspired, developed, and distributed. The purpose of this is to help you better understand the impact and potential of the written word, worldwide.

Long ago God inspired the technology of writing. In fact, this has been God’s “record of
choice” whenever He has had an important message for man. This is the reason GPM has published 3 million gospel books and spread them to at least 217 different countries and regions all around the world.

Thousands upon thousands of people have been brought to Christ through the simple, limited vocabulary of International English. These books are an easy and effective way for you and me to share the Gospel message.

I trust this series will give each of us a fresh glimpse of the immense size of the harvest that is truly white, bursting forth, and ready for harvest. Let it be blazed upon our hearts that we have a personal responsibility to rescue people from eternal destruction.