Engaging our World with Hope

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Producing Christian films on the life of Christ is becoming a strong tool used in obscure pagan villages in the Asian world. Recently, I read an account where a Christian movie producer went to India to produce films on the life of Christ only to discover that there already were films on the life of Christ being used very effectively. Discovering what God was doing, the producer joined force with the current producers. His sensitivity to what God was already doing, not only strengthened the efforts, but expanded the impact.

Today there are many troubling problems facing our world.  The issues with pagan idolatrous worship, human trafficking (forced labor and sexual trafficking), natural disasters such as the recent earthquakes in Nepal, inhumane violence against the dignity of innocent human beings, and human suffering because of social deprivation, are but a few of the issues that the church and para-church organizations are facing today.

Engaging our World with Hope

God is at work in the world today and progressively doing a new thing through means and methods that are sometimes foreign to our thinking. He is constantly customizing His redemptive message without compromising His righteous morality. His message is for all generations. Today, it is still as impacting as it has ever been. Contact, clarity, and contextualization are missional processes that we must use to communicate the gospel of Christ with relevancy to ensure real change. The end result of all we do is still to see people become changed into the character of Christ.

As we contemplate current events in our world today and gaze into the reality of their impact on people’s lives, particularly the church world, we become keenly aware of the need to engage our world with hope. How can we do this with our limited resources? There are three initiatives which I believe God wants us to actively use:

  1. We must be current in our understanding about what is going on in our world today and address the issues theologically, comprehensively, and practically.
  2. We must not be content with just understanding the issues that are happening. We must discover, define, and launch strategic initiatives to address them with a missional goal in mind. That is ensuring that whatever initiative we launch, real biblical discipleship must be the crux of the mission.
  3. We must communicate what we are doing to address the current trends that are happening today. In other words, we must lead by inspiring others to become engaged in the great commission.

As a para-church organization, HIM, the missions division of FEA Ministries, Inc., is resolved to be relevant, redemptive, resourceful, and realistic in addressing the issues within our sphere of influence. What we can do, we will. Furthermore, we want to find out what God is already doing and join His initiatives with the resources He has entrusted to us.

Presently, we are engaged in addressing the issue of Scriptural literacy by producing and providing wholesome Christian literature in simple English with a global vision in mind. Secondly, we are addressing the issue of the socially deprived by ministering to the fatherless. We provide shelter, food, education, and the hope of a better future.  And thirdly, we are addressing sustainability by teaching and training national leadership with knowledge and skills for the task of perpetuating substantive spiritual and social service. It is our goal that all we do be contextually relevant and reproductive through the local church.

Yes, God is at work in the world today, and Hope International Missions is committed to spreading His message of hope to the hopeless.

~ Sidney G. Grant, President