Fabienne’s Story

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Fabienne… a child full of hope; a child full of determination…

It was just a few years ago that we met Fabienne. We heard her squealing with delight as her brothers and some of the orphan boys took turns pushing her across the yard in her wheelchair as fast as they could go, only to laugh and crawl back into it when she tumbled out! She made us smile but then hurt inside as we saw her crooked, limp feet covered with sores from dragging them on the ground.

Fabienne, the daughter of one our church leaders, was born with spina bifida, which was surgically corrected when she was a baby. She had never walked and had no strength in her feet. We began checking on possibilities of further medical care for her and sent her with her parents to a mission hospital in Milot, Haiti, where they specialize in orthopedic care. For the past year she has been under treatment – first wearing special boots to straighten her feet, then surgery in March 2017, followed by physical therapy 3 days per week.

What a thrill it was for us just a few weeks ago to see her determinedly WALKING down the church aisle with her walker! The next step will be crutches, along with continued therapy. It’s possible that she will need more surgery in the future, and we are continuing to trust the Lord to supply whatever is needed for this.

~Daryl Hobbs, HIM Missionary to Haiti