HIM Caribbean – 2019 Year in Review

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The mission work in the Caribbean is where HIM began! Numerous missionaries served in this region spreading the seed of the gospel. Churches were planted and schools begun. Several of the missionary pilots turned their eyes south, and churches were started in the Turks and Caicos Islands and Haiti. Most of these works are now nationally led and are still bearing fruit today!

The past couple of years have been extremely difficult. Two hurricanes roared through the islands devastating lives. In Haiti unpreceded political turmoil made travel difficult and at times unsafe. And yet we can clearly see the hand of God, and the work is advancing in our HIM Caribbean works.

In the Turks and Caicos Islands our church in South Caicos is largely complete as four teamshave been sent to rebuild following Hurricane Irma in 2017. Plans are underway to rebuild themission house in Bottle Creek to meet the housing needs for the annual camp meeting and conference held on the island each year. Our church in Grand Turk that sat empty for several years was recently reopened, and it looks as though a missionary will be going there full time soon. In 2019 IHC held their second annual regional IHC meetings in the islands. Each service was marked by the presence of God.

The recovery efforts in the Bahamas from Hurricane Dorian have enabled HIM to reconnect with our national pastors there in a way that has not happened over the past several years. We are looking for ways to continue that relationship into the future. Currently two students from the settlement of High Rock are studying at Hobe Sound Bible College. A recent graduate from the small settlement is serving at a Christian school in Kansas. Praise God for the fruit being born through these works.

Please remember the earliest works of HIM in your prayers. We are confident that great days are ahead for this group of precious believers who have suffered so much over the past couple of years.

Haitian Ministries

The year 2019 was challenging in Haiti due to extreme political unrest creating instability all over the country for much of the year. Inflation rose to an all-time high resulting in widespread hunger, closing of many businesses, and increased desperation. Gang violence increased dramatically. Schools were not able to open in September and remained closed for the semester.

Thankfully we were able to go into Haiti in late August to provide a seminar for our teachers using national leaders. A seminar was held the same week for pastors and church leaders with Michael Hobbs teaching. That seminar was well-attended and included some pastors from other local churches.

Our churches in Haiti are doing well in spite of the difficulties. We have been encouraged to hear reports from them of how they have participated with other churches who have banded together to help meet some needs in the prisons where prisoners have been literally starving to death.

We recently received a report that our National Committee met together to pray and discuss plans for the future of the churches. The pastors are very supportive of one another and encouraged about what God has in store for the churches for the advancement of His kingdom!

The children’s home is going well. We had a discussion with some of the older boys about plans for their future when they are out of school. The oldest boy will soon be transitioning out of the home. He has had training in driving heavy machinery and should be able to find work in this field. Our first and greatest desire for each one of these children is that they become passionate followers of Christ. We share this desire with them whenever we are together. Our second goal for them is to help them receive training so they can support themselves and be responsible citizens in their country.

May the Lord continue to guide and direct the work in Haiti!