HIM Latin America – 2019 Year in Review

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In February of 2019 HIM Latin America was officially formed. This region includes all of Central and South America. We have three churches in Mexico in Salamanca, Motozintla and Mexico City. At least two house churches meet in other parts of the country. In March the newly constructed church in Motozintla was dedicated. Pastor Guadelupe Rivera has reported new families attending the church and a very fruitful ministry in the local prison. The biggest current need is funding for construction of a parsonage.

In November I visited pastor Abel Rodriguez and his wife Misaela in Salamanca. A lady who visited a cell group was saved! God blessed our seminar on fulfilled prophecy and the doctrinal differences between Calvinism, Wesleyan-Arminianism, and Pentecostalism.

A few days later my heart was moved as I visited the work in Mexico City. A beautiful parsonage and sanctuary strategically located in the most populous metropolitan area in the Western Hemisphere has no pastor. Please pray someone will feel called to this work.

Three HIM churches are in the Guatemalan towns of Tajumulco, Tacaná, and Cruz de Barrancas. Earlier in the year the Tajumulco church finished a major construction project with a team from Mission Helps. The church is already attracting visitors to the services. Pastor René Lopez is extremely grateful for the growth he has seen.

Pastor Cruz Perez continues reaching out in Tacaná. God’s presence was felt in a special way the Sunday I visited the church. The congregation is currently looking to purchase their own property. We also met with the little village church of Cruz de Barrancas. Hannah expressed that it was “the most beautiful place she had ever seen.”

God continues to bless in Honduras. In August the church in San Pedro Sula celebrated its nineteenth anniversary with a weekend of special services. Four teenagers are finishing up their discipleship and will soon be ready for baptism!

Pastor Roberto Espinal is doing a phenomenal job in Las Delicias. The church saw several converts this year as well as a good number of baptisms. Our churches in Tegucigalpa have remained steady. We saw several visitors in recent weeks and a wonderful moving of the Holy Spirit in our services. I have been encouraged by the spiritual growth I have seen in several of our young people!

Pastor Julio Villaryena reports God is working in a special way in Salamaji, Nicaragua. A new couple has been saved and plans to wed. New opportunities are opening up for house services in the village of Santa Rosa—a town that has been a Communist stronghold ever since the Contra-Sandinista war.

The church in Managua pastored by Danilo Vanegas is having a strong impact on the local youth. In March president Harold Martin baptized a young man who was saved during our youth retreat. In recent weeks new young people have begun to attend the services.

Our sights are set on the countries of South America. HIM has no works in this massive continent. Oh, that God would send a pioneer to start something new! Thank you for standing behind us with your prayers and giving.

~Eric Kuhns, Director of HIM Latin America