Mikah Litchfield – Muslim Ministries

Mikah Litchfield – Muslim Ministries

As a young teen, Mikah Litchfield started working for Child Evangelism Fellowship and gained a lot of experience teaching children’s Bible clubs. She graduated from God’s Bible School & College twice—once in 2011 with an online associate degree in Bible and Theology and later in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in Intercultural Studies and World Missions. Before taking classes from GBS, Mikah received her Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification through an online course. She then taught English in China for four months in the classrooms of three different schools and in Guatemala for about 19 months at Evangelistic Faith Mission’s Christian school.

Mikah remembers God clearly calling her, even as a young child, to work in a specific Muslim country. She hasn’t known the timing or the means by which it would be accomplished, but the desire to reach out to Muslims has remained strong. As she began exploring options to see where the Lord might be directing her, Mikah met a representative from Hope International Missions (HIM) who shared with her a need for an English teacher in Archdale, NC. While this opportunity is on US soil, it definitely represents a cross-cultural mission field. A local conservative holiness church in Archdale (Archdale Pilgrim Holiness Church) has come in contact with a large group of immigrants in the nearby city of High Point. These immigrants are from various countries, including many from Africa and the Middle East. As you might guess from their origins, most of these families are also Muslim. While the church has built relationships with many of the children from these families through the church’s bus ministry, it has been difficult to befriend the parents in a meaningful way, if only because many of the parents do not speak English.

HIM has agreed to partner with Archdale Pilgrim Holiness Church in order to fill the need of an English teacher, which will enable the church to more effectively meet the needs of those to whom they are ministering, as well as open the doors of relationship and communication so that the gospel can be shared. As Mikah prayed about filling this need by working for HIM in Archdale, she felt the Lord confirming to her heart that it is His will and is thrilled to be preparing to start teaching again! In March of 2019, Mikah plans to move to Archdale as an English teacher to Muslim immigrants which she will use as a springboard for ministry through relationships with the students.

Philosophy of Ministry

Mikah’s goals are to assist with practical needs through the teaching of English classes, as well as to share the gospel with the families with whom she will be working. She believes that by living life together with the Muslim community through things like hospitality, assistance with daily needs (such as doctor appointments and paperwork), and teaching of classes, relationships can be built that will help her accomplish these goals.

Mikah’s vision is to see these families brought to salvation through the knowledge of Jesus Christ and incorporated into the local body of Christ where they can grow in Him and fellowship with His people.

A Note from Mikah

“Prayer is key to breaking down spiritual strongholds. Will you consider partnering with me in praying that hearts will be opened to the gospel in Archdale, NC?” – Mikah Litchfield