HIM Muslim Ministries

Thank you for your interest in Hope International Missions’ Department of Muslim Ministries (DMM)! For many years, God has been leading HIM to begin intentionally ministering to Muslims. The DMM exists to train and equip missionaries to effectively reach Muslims for Christ wherever they are located. We are excited to see God calling individuals to work with the followers of Islam.

Reasons for the Department of Muslim Ministries

  1. The universal scope of the Gospel. (2 Peter 3:9) We believe that Muslims can be saved. They are included in the Great Commission for which the Church is responsible.
  2. The Holy Spirit is clearly working among Muslim people to bring them to Christ. We also see that Muslims are on a path from Islam towards atheism. This is a crucial juncture to reach them. 
  3. HIM has historically always responded to the urgent needs and opportunities. For example,  Spanish Ministries, the fall of the Iron Curtain and Bibles for Russia, and working with refugees.  
  4. Candidates are coming to HIM with an interest/call to Muslim Ministries.
  5. The Conservative Holiness Movement is uniquely positioned to reach Muslims because of our conservative lifestyle and worship style.
  6. Effective ministry among Muslims requires a more prepared and focused approach than many other ministries. Therefore, it is essential to have a department to help facilitate this work.

If you are interested in serving as a missionary to Muslims please contact us! We would be happy to explore ministry options with you.