The Role of the Local Church in Missions

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The purpose of the church’s existence is to go into all the world with the gospel, making disciples of every people on earth. This begins at home and then spreads outward in ever widening circles of influence. Missions is the evidence that the church is alive and well. To ignore the lost world beyond our community is to fail to carry out our Lord’s mandate to the church.

As the church we should be “missional” in all we are and do! A missional vision and focus will cultivate an environment that produces missionaries. When the church is not sending forth missionaries, it has turned inward and away from the purpose of its existence.

Missional giving, investing, preaching, teaching, and outreach inspires hearts and lives to be surrendered to the Great Commission. Te result is a passion to reach the whitened harvest
fields of far-of places and a yearning to partner with those who catch the vision to be laborers in His Harvest. As this occurs, the mission truthfully becomes a co-mission. There is truly no separation or division between the mission of the local church and missions in the uttermost part of the world. We are co-laborers in Christ! Let us never see the needs of foreign missions and missionaries as competitive to the ministry of the local church. Rather, let us view the opportunity and privilege of partnering with missionaries as a vital part of who we are as Christ’s church. When missions becomes a vital component of our local church ministry, it will be a vibrant part of every aspect and facet of who we are. Missions will be front and center in our praying, our giving, the focus of our services, and our planning. A local church is healthy when missions is not something we “DO” but is truly something we “ARE”!

“Missions is not the ‘ministry of choice’ for a few hyperactive Christians in the church. Missions is the purpose of the church.”

~John Parker