Core Values

Christ Centered in Beliefs

We believe in the authority of Scripture within the historical context of conservative Wesleyan Methodist Armenian tradition with a focus on knowing Christ and making Him known.

Conservative Christian Lifestyle

We are committed to separation from the influence of worldly practices and lifestyles while maintaining an impacting and relevant presence in our circle of influence.

Cohesive Community

Relational and professional communication, unity of purpose, teamwork, collaboration, consulting, experienced people for advice, and respect fo each person’s uniqueness are qualities we strive for.

Corporate Prayer

Prayer has been the link to God and our fellow believers for the life and power necessary for personal victory and productive evangelism. Through prayer, it is our commitment to always seek God’s direction for the future of FEA and HIM.

Compassionate Connection

Compelled by the Great Commission we are engaged in the conversion of people groups around the world as well as local community needs and decency.

Commitment to Careful Stewardship

Dependent on God’s resources (financial and human), and dedicated to careful management of what God entrusts to our management through careful budgeting, spending, and reporting.

Cultural Relevance

Interacting culturally, ethnically, socially, and technologically by contextualizing what we do without compromising who we are.

Cultivating Competent Leadership

Personal and professional development in soul, mind, and body; through rest, reading, studying, researching, and specialized training.