Nathanael Bundy – Taiwan

Nathanael Bundy – Taiwan

At 23 years of age, I am a graduate of Penn View Bible Institute with a bachelor’s degree in intercultural studies and have served internships in Hungary and Taiwan. Gradually, I have been filled with a passion for overseas mission work. I am currently preparing to depart as a short-term missionary in Taiwan and will be mentored by the Blacks.

From my childhood days I enjoyed listening to visiting missionaries and hearing their stories, though I thought I could never be one. While I was in college I made missions the focus of my study. During my internship in Taiwan I was greatly impacted by the culture and people. As I continued to work with the people and mission, I felt God place a special interest within my heart for ministry in that country. While there I developed skills and found ways I could serve that I had never considered. Now with my formal education complete, I am anxious to return to Taiwan and work within the growing national church.

During my term I will be serving in numerous areas such as working in a new church in Kaohsiung and with small group Bible studies throughout the city. I will also develop study materials for children, youth, and adults. During this period I will be studying the language and practicing it with the Taiwanese people.

English has become a great way to connect with people. It is a two-fold opportunity: to be able to present the gospel message and to teach a language that is spoken throughout the world. Teaching has become a joy and a challenge as I have experienced the labor it takes to share valuable knowledge.

Through my ministry I hope to spread the gospel in this part of the world. Thank you for supporting me as I serve short-term in Taiwan!

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