Hester Marais – South Africa

Hester Marais – South Africa

Pieter and Hester Marais served as HIM missionaries for more than thirty years, including many years as directors of HIM Africa. Brother Pieter left this world for heaven on the 6th of July, 2020. Sister Hester is semi-retired but continues to shine the light of God’s love on everyone she meets.

The Marais lived for three years in Lesotho planting five churches then moved to South Africa as other missionaries came to help them in ministry. In South Africa they evangelized, planted churches, conducted Bible studies, and mentored new missionaries.

Many years ago the Marais discovered that countries north of them could not easily obtain Bibles for various reasons. They started buying Bibles in the people’s languages and distributing them in the areas of greatest need. Bible Societies and donors from America and South Africa helped to subsidize the price of these Bibles so even people in the rural areas could afford them. Every winter they bought and sold Bibles at area markets in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Namibia. Through the years 185,000 Bibles have been distributed. Many American people have gone to Africa to help them sell the Bibles.

We are challenged by the incredible legacy Brother Pieter left behind. Please join us in praying for Sister Hester during this difficult time of grief and adjustment.

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