Pieter and Hester Marais – South Africa

Pieter and Hester Marais – South Africa

Pieter and Hester Marais have been missionaries for more than thirty years. For many years they were the field directors for HIM Africa. The Marais lived for three years in Lesotho planting five churches then moved to South Africa where they lived for twenty-one years doing evangelistic work and planting churches. Even though other missionaries have since come to help and have taken over their responsibilities in Lesotho and South Africa, Pieter and Hester are still a strong support and encouragement to the team.

Many years ago the Marais discovered that many countries north of them could not easily obtain Bibles for various reasons. They started buying Bibles in the people’s languages and distributing them. Bible Societies subsidized the prices, and every winter they bought and sold Bibles at area markets. This year will be the Marais’ twenty-first trip. Through the years 165,000 Bibles have been distributed. Many American people have gone to Africa to help sell the Bibles. God has used Christians in Africa and America to provide the funds and vehicles needed for these trips.

Another ministry the Marais have is holding Bible studies for the Afrikaans people. Some of the Bible studies have been going on for twenty years. Now Pieter and Hester live in Smithfield where they pastor a small in-home congregation and continue to go on yearly Bible trips.

A Note from Pieter and Hester Marais

“We are grateful to our dear Lord who has planned every Bible trip, and we want to be careful to follow His leadership. HIM has been very kind and helpful over the years to manage the donations for the Bibles. Thank you for faithfully supporting our ministry!”