Ed and Heather Durham – Hungary

Ed and Heather Durham – Hungary


Ed is originally from Syracuse, New York, while Heather is Canadian by birth. They are parents of one daughter and grandparents of one grandson.  Ed and Heather’s professional experience includes over 20 years of ministry as pastors, missionaries and teachers to Ukraine, financial firm consultant, construction and builder, and field directors of Evangelical Bible Missions’ missions work in Ukraine.

Ed and Heather are both graduates of Hobe Sound Bible College: Ed with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies, Pastoral Ministries, and Missions and Heather with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Social Science with an emphasis on leadership. Ed and Heather went on to each earn a Master of Arts Degree from Azusa Pacific University. Their professional accomplishments and certifications include ordination certifications and membership as elders with the Heartland Conference of the Bible Methodist Connection of Churches.

Ed and Heather’s skills together include: the ability to provide pioneer leadership, administrative supervision, and teaching and training leaders for future ministry development. They have the unique ability to balance strategic development with deep knowledge and hands-on experience in the day-to-day operations of many types of organizational settings. They are skilled at building and maintaining long-term relationships with superiors, supporters, and the people they serve.  They possess the confidence to make wise decisions that lead to the mission accomplishment of their God-given mission and vision.

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Ministry Highlights

Ministry Goals

God is blessing the ministry of the Durhams. People are giving their hearts to Christ, and new converts are being discipled into mature Christians. Pray that God will help Ed and Heather as they seek more ways to reach hurting people with the hope of the Gospel! Here are some goals they would like to see accomplished:

  • Recovery groups for alcoholics and addicts.
  • A half way house for homeless people who want a changed life.
  • A rehab center for alcoholics.
  • Businesses run by businessmen and women to fund our ministries here.
  • A college for training national pastors and leaders.
  • A ministry dealing with the Sex Trade.
  • A prayer conference for the missionaries of Eastern Europe.
  • Ever growing communities of believers that have a passion to bring hope and healing to those in their sphere of influence. We would love to have communities of believers all over Hungary and the surrounding countries that never stop rescuing the perishing.