Sidney and Gretel Grant – Director of HIM US Spanish Ministries

Sidney Grant was saved shortly after the death of his mother. His conversion happened as a result of a shipmate who faithfully and continually witnessed to him during his time of grief. One early morning in February 1981 while sailing to Venezuela, South America, Christ forgave Sidney of his sins and transformed his life. Four months later Sid met Gretel Williams (a graduate from Hobe Sound Bible College) who introduced him to Hobe Sound for the first time. They were married on July 10, 1982. While continuing to work as a sailor, God called Sid to be a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He quit sailing in June of 1983 and enrolled in Hobe Sound Bible College where he graduated with a BA in Pastoral Studies in 1987. Sidney began his history with HIM working at the maintenance shop while a student of HSBC. He worked multiple jobs but primarily did mechanical maintenance on vehicles. During this time, God blessed Sidney and Gretel with three lovely daughters.

In the fall of 1986 after graduating from college, Sidney was approached by Dr. Glen Reiff with an offer of the position of pioneer church planter and to work with him in what was then known as FEA US Evangelism—pioneering Hispanic churches in the United States. After a period of seeking God’s will and not having any other ministerial connections or commitments, Sid began this journey in February of 1987. Indeed, a journey of hope and holiness for the Hispanics–now in four countries, seven US states, and 28 cities and towns.

Sidney worked as assistant to Dr. Glen Reiff and under his capable mentoring, they began the church planting and discipleship ministries of HIM Spanish Ministries. This included the founding and leadership of the Instituto Bíblico Evangélico that graduated dozens of pastors and church leaders who are actively pastoring and leading the Spanish Ministries in the US and overseas. After eight years of church planting/leadership training and following the resignation of Dr. Reiff in February of 1995, Sidney was appointed director of the FEA Spanish Ministries by the FEA Board of Directors. During this time, God gave he and his wife a son, their fourth child. He continued pastoring the first church plant until February of 1997. In 2005 following the resignation of FEA President James Keaton, Sidney was asked to become Director of Hope International Missions (HIM), the newly renamed missions department of FEA Ministries. In 2006 he completed his Master of Arts in Ministry (MAMin) from Moody Bible Institute. During this time, he was directing the Spanish Bible Institute and pastoring the Hobe Sound Spanish Church, “Iglesia Evangelica de Santidad, Monte Horeb.” In February of 2007, Sid was elected president of FEA Ministries. Five months later he resigned the leadership of the Spanish Ministries and Institute to dedicate more time to the growing responsibilities of HIM and FEA. He continued pastoring the Hobe Sound Spanish Church until 2010. Sidney served as president of FEA Ministries until his resignation in 2017. In February 2019, he was asked by the present leadership of FEA to return as director of the HIM US Spanish Ministries. In addition to this role, he is currently completing his Doctor in Religious Studies (DRS) with a focus on Management of Christian Ministries. He is planning on graduating in the summer of 2020.

Philosophy of Ministry

Sidney Grant’s philosophy of ministry for HIM US Spanish Ministries is summed up in the following statement: “A heritage of holiness for the Hispanics.” His mission to accomplish this is to reach and disciple Hispanics in a cross-cultural context to plant churches and multiply disciples throughout the United States. He envisions establishing holiness churches and extension leadership training institutes in every state where there are growing and active HIM Hispanics Churches.

Ministry Goals

Strategically, Sid sees his mission and vision unfolding in the following manner:

  • Goals
    • Train, cultivate, mentor, and recruit future HIM US Hispanic Ministries leaders
    • Establish a leadership training scholarship fund
    • Establish a church planting revolving fund
    • Establish a Hispanic American Youth Ministries led by second/third generation Hispanic Americans
    • Establish an educational program in local churches to reach and preserve Hispanic children from grassroots
  • Strategy
    • Educate church leadership according to personal calling
    • Equip church leadership according to personal giftedness
    • Engage church leadership according to social needs
    • Empower church leadership to assume general responsibility
  • Objective
    • Personal knowledge, guardianship, and articulation of the faith
    • Professional management of resources and the infrastructure
    • Progressive expansion of the mission and vision
    • Public evidence of growth and godliness by adherents