Nichole Barr – Mongolia

Nichole Barr – Mongolia

Nichole Barr has been serving with Hope International Missions since 2017. She is a graduate of God’s Bible School in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is currently working on a M.A. in TESOL at Lithuanian Christian College. Her teaching and ministry career began in Mongolia in 2014 through the ELIC organization. She has taught middle school, high school, and university students and is passionate about providing quality English education as well as a Christian witness to her students.

In 2018, Nichole took a position as the director of the Language Education Institute, a part of Mongolian International University. She oversees the teachers and students who are studying English, Mongolian, Russian, and Korean and works to ensure quality of education, a healthy working environment, and continual growth of the school. Additionally she teaches in the university and assists with recruitment, testing, and other duties around the school.

English is a great medium for engaging with others, and it creates a lot of interest in any activities centered around it. In Nichole’s experience with leading small groups and Bible studies from her home, many people are happy to come to Bible studies and Christian-themed discussion groups just for the opportunity to practice English with a native speaker!

Recently Nichole has moved into a larger house with the aim of expanding ministry to provide a permanent home for the student church she helps to lead, as well as to provide a home for students from difficult backgrounds who need a safe space and Christian development. It is her goal to provide a Christian, loving home setting where young people can recover from trauma, grow in their faith, and succeed in their studies.

By supporting Nichole, you are actively participating in helping to disciple young people into the future leaders of the church. Your donations provide beds and food, Bible and English curriculum, and support the needs of the church. Consider giving today to help these young people reach their full potential!

My mission statement: To Live Christ in the Classroom

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