Nichole Barr – Mongolia

Nichole Barr – Mongolia


My name is Nichole Barr and I am a new missionary with Hope International Missions. At 28 years of age I have graduated from God’s Bible School’s Intercultural Studies program, served an internship in Ukraine, completed a TESOL certification, and taught English in Mongolia for a year. I am currently preparing to return to Mongolia this August.

Teaching with the English Language Institute opened my eyes to the great need in Mongolia and to the powerful impact that a teacher can have. By the end of the year I knew that God was calling me to return to Mongolia.

My decision to return with HIM was based on the desire to be connected to my Holiness heritage and also to have the freedom to pursue avenues of ministry outside of the teaching focus of ELI.

The focus of my first year will be language school, with the opportunity to engage in tutoring, participate in English clubs, and mentoring with a church discipleship group.

After language school I plan to move from the capital to Erdenet a somewhat smaller city where much less ministry work has taken place. I will begin teaching English in a public school. I will also be seeking connections with local believers. My goal is to begin a discipleship group with young Christians as well as a Seeker Study with those who show interest in the gospel.

English is such a great medium for engaging with others and creates a lot of interest in any activities centered around it. In my experience, many people are happy to come to bible studies and Christian themed discussion groups just for the opportunity to practice English with a native speaker!

Forty-four percent of the world’s population is under the age of 25. These are the students of the world. These are the young people who will become the leaders of tomorrow, and right now they are looking for a teacher.

My mission statement: To Live Christ in the Classroom

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