Prayer is the most powerful weapon at the Christian’s disposal. Through prayer, the child of God can wage spiritual warfare against the plans of Satan. In fact, one of the ways you can fulfill your role in the Great Commission is to pray. Wesley Duewel said, “Prayer is your way, often the only way, to water the harvest. By prayer you can bring the Holy Spirit’s blessing on any gospel effort anywhere in the world.” Indeed, “We can reach our world, if we will. The greatest lack today is not people or funds. The greatest need is prayer.”

This prayer page is designed to help you as you pray. Please join with us in lifting FEA’s needs to the throne of grace. God wants to touch the world through your prayers!

Prayer Requests

FEA Home Office

  • Workers to answer the call to missions. Missionary applications are being received and processed.
  • Wisdom as office staff are continuing to work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Front desk office hours are only 9am-12pm to eliminate outside visitors. The phones are answered during normal business hours.

HIM Africa

  • Angela Thornton came home for a short time to care for her father during a major surgery. Due to this pandemic she could not return to Lesotho. Pray for continued healing for her father. She is assisting via online connection for the Lesotho clinic.
  • Pray for the clinic workers and Glenn Gault as he helps oversee the operation while Angela is away.
  • The churches and pastors. Churches cannot meet, and the people do not have access to online services.
  • Pray for the students, parents, and teachers of the school of the OVC minstry as the schools in Africa are closed down, possibly for the entire school year. Some of the children come from very difficult circumstances.
  • Pray for funds to be raised to build a church tabernacle. The goal is to begin construction this fall.

HIM Asia

  • Byron and Missy Manners are grateful for God’s protection during this pandemic. Their church is doing well.
  • David and Christina Black as the new church in Nanzi begins it’s second year. A pastor is needed for this new chuch.
  • David Black is training in church structure and process.
  • Pray for “Compass” the name of our first official co-worker group (Americans call them church boards).
  • Bro. Ming as he prepares to be pastor.
  • Funds to be raised to translate more Shepherd’s Global Classroom materials into Chinese.
  • New youth outreach.
  • Pray for continued safety for our missionaries in Taiwan!
  • Funds to be raised for Nichole Barr’s rental house
  • Provision for teachers without work
  • Students quarantined in difficult situations—from families who are abusive or don’t allow online church attendance
  • Bradley and Anita Halter as they minister in their church along with an urgent, personal request.
  • US Chinese Ministries and Chris and Crystal Zhou, Sulen Chai, and Daniel and Dorothy Hsu who work with this.
  • Jeanne Schwartz as she is dealing with bone cancer.

HIM Caribbean

  • The orphanage director and his family as they oversee the home
  • There is little medical care available
  • Junior Forbes in Turks & Caicos has continued with Facebook live services during the pandemic.
  • Some of the students from the Caribbean who attend Hobe Sound Bible College are not able to return home due to travel restrictions.

HIM Europe

  • The Durhams are in quarantine which has limited their ministry opportunities and travel to other HIM works in Europe.
  • A great opportunity has opened to raise chickens to help with funding at the girl’s home in Slovakia.
  • Continued ministry in the girls’ home in Slovakia. One young lady had a demonic attack but prayed, and she has been changed.
  • The Iovans are overseeing all care of the orphans with the orphans currently living in Sally and Timotei’s home. Romania is on lockdown.
  • The Motoilovs are in quarantine but continuing some classes with students online.
  • The Grout’s trip has been cancelled due to travel restrictions.
  • Pray for the pastors of our churches in the Vyborg region: Pastors Valera, Aleksey, Oleg, and Dima.
  • Pray for Aleksander (Sasha) and Tanya, and their girl Luba in the Christian Center.
  • Remember the thirty people involved in answering mail from prisoners all across Russia. 

HIM Spanish Ministries

  • Eric and Hannah Kuhns are asking for focused prayer on Tuesdays for church planting opportunities.
  • The church in Tegucigalpa is currently having their church services on What’s App to stay connected.
  • Shut down/restrictions will continue for a while.
  • Praise that the Cressmans were able to return to their home.
  • Funds for food distribution to their congregation has been given.
  • Sid Grant as he is working with the Spanish churches in the USA.
  • Pray for a pastor for the Mexico City church. There is a fully furnished parsonage and church ready for a pastor.

HIM Muslim Ministries

  • The many Muslim communities around the world in need of salvation.
  • Jonathan and Victoria Gray are working in Dearborn, MI, and training for further Muslim ministry along with gaining guidance for future use. They recently had a baby.
  • Pray for Mikah Litchfield as she discerns how to continue some type of Muslim ministry following her recent marriage.

Gospel Publishing Mission

  • Tokyo20 will now be re-scheduled. Financial support is still needed.
  • Several translation projects are in the works.
  • Several years ago 100k copies of Is God really my Father? was printed for Iraq. Recent contact has been made for translation into Arabic/Kurdish dialect in northern Iraq. Pray for details to come together.
  • Contacts made in India are resulting in a new translation for Shepherd’s Global Classroom books and Is God Really My Father?. Distribution has begun!
  • Praise God! Is God Really My Father? has now been translated into Korean! This will be useful worldwide and in the northern homeland as well.

Sea Breeze Community

  • Continued progress on the new Palm Missionary Guesthouse.
  • The residents of our community that God will keep them healthy.
  • Hobe Sound Bible Church as it is continuing to minister during this pandemic.
  • End of year at the college and academy. Small graduations have been planned. Pray all goes well.

Prayer Resources

To download the FEA Prayer Guide, click here.

To download the HIM Prayer Guide, click here.