About FEA Ministries

Proclaiming the Word of Hope! Hope at every turn; hope at every corner! That’s what Hope International Missions is all about!

Hope International Missions (HIM), a division of FEA Ministries Inc., was founded in 1961 is a ministry composed of historical richness, innovative approach to ministry, and transformational teaching. This change is done in a number of ways:

  • Change that liberates people from chains of sin
  • Change that helps people to live in renewed relationships
  • Change that leads people to Godly values and vision

Our commitment to the 21st Century is to…

Proclaim and inspire hope through Christ-centered ministries among God’s people that display His glory and advance His kingdom throughout the world.
Training tomorrow’s leaders, today.
At HIM, over 100 missionaries and staff have dedicated their live to foster numerous ministries. Through God’s leadership we are connecting to culture around the world with widespread redemptive impact. We are ordinary people whom God is using in extraordinary ways and redemptive responsibilities to help others prepare for eternity. We do this by proclaiming the gospel to people groups in an effective manner.

Make a personal connection to this ministry, share our vision of faith that every race and tongue becomes worshipers of God in the beauty of biblical holiness, individually and collectively. We do this by:

  • Evangelizing the lost
  • Educating leaders
  • Equipping laborers
  • Edifying believers

As a direct result of doing these things, we hope to:

  • Establish works
  • Empower workers
  • Expand our legacy
  • Exemplify Jesus!

All this, while staying in character and conduct before a watching world!