Richard and Judy Grout – Russia/Finland

Richard and Judy Grout – Russia/Finland


Richard and Judy Grout have ministered in Russia and Finland for more than 20 years! The Grout’s home church is Community Bible Church, Emmett, Idaho.  Richard has a background in journalism and pastoring.  Vyborg Christian Center, where he and his wife are working, is a charitable foundation registered with the Russian government for humanitarian aid and literature distribution.  They distribute humanitarian aid, Christian literature, and Bibles all over Russia.  The Grouts also have a hospital visitation ministry with a full-time hospital chaplain. In addition, Richard and Judy have children’s ministries with orphans, youth, and children at risk.  Another ministry is mailing correspondence courses for children and adults (mostly prisoners) all across Russia.  From time to time they have seminars for children’s workers and at least four times each week they have evangelistic meetings.

The love of Christ compels the Grouts to reach those who have suffered so much without hope, without any knowledge of God or the Bible, without adequate medical care.  Their greatest joy is in giving their all in serving Christ, in being His hands extended to those who have never been visited by a chaplain or a Christian witness. After more than seventy years of Communism, Russia ranks near the top as the world’s most corrupt nation. Yet even there in Russia, the darker the night the brighter the light shines:  Jesus is the Light and the only Hope!

God is providing by helping Richard and Judy with a dedicated staff of Russian workers, with a lovely building in a strategic location, with good transportation and communications, and with more opportunities for ministries than they can fill.   He has given them a wonderful network of good friends and supporters in Russia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and in more than thirty states across America.

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