Bahamas Relief

On September 1, 2019, Hurricane Dorian struck the Bahamas with maximum sustained winds of 185 mph. It hovered over the area for twenty-four hours, wreaking havoc and taking lives.

Hope International Missions has a long history of service in the Bahamas. The churches at Freeport, Holmes Rock, and High Rock, Grand Bahama, were built under the leadership of HIM missionaries. The works are now under national leadership but continue to interact with HIM and Sea Breeze Camp on a regular basis.

President Harold Martin flew to Grand Bahama on September 8 to assess damages and to offer support to Pastors Cecil Kemp and Harrison Pinder and their families. Donations began to pour into the home office, and several more flights loaded with supplies have gone to the devastated area.

Conditions have stabilized to the point that specialized teams are now needed. One team led by Hobe Sound Ministries Maintenance Director Bart Thompson has already repaired the roof on the Kemp’s home in High Rock. Bart is coordinating the purchase of necessary supplies and equipment which will be shipped over for further repairs.

Initial projects include:

  • Extensive repairs on the home of a single mother
  • Replacing a roof on another home in High Rock
  • Converting an existing workshop into a small home for a family who lost theirs
  • Repairing the roof and sanctuary of the Freeport church

To schedule a time slot for your team to participate, please fill out the form below. Someone from the FEA office will contact you to arrange the details. Transportation to and from the Bahamas from Hobe Sound will be provided, but volunteers are responsible for their transportation to Hobe Sound before the trip and back to their home after the trip.

If you are not part of an assembled team, please fill out the form, and you will be contacted about being added to a scheduled group.

Bahamas Relief Interest Form

Please be advised that conditions on location are primitive:

  • There is no electricity.
  • Teams will sleep in tents provided by HIM.
  • HIM will make travel arrangements for teams leaving from South Florida and going to and from the Bahamas.
  • Team trips will last up to one week.
  • Teams may be no larger than 15 people.