If only there was a cure! Today, children are being prescribed to ADHD medicines to increase focus in the classroom. However, there hasn’t yet been a pill invented to keep one spiritually focused. Hundreds of men and woman alike have given up on the call to the mission field! Distractions and detours have shifted their focus, and as a result, many across the globe have not yet heard the gospel! For every missionary that fails to answer the call, there is a soul that loses its opportunity to learn about Jesus.

In Eric Kuhn’s new book Focused: Avoiding Diversions on the Journey to the Mission Field, he eloquently describes the variety of detours that can hinder one from staying true to the call. Based on his own personal experiences, he sympathizes with those who face detours such as financial difficulties, family ties, or even other ministry opportunities. This book IS a cure for lost focus! It renews passion and revives the desire not only to surrender but to follow through with the calling to go to the mission field and be witnesses for Christ.

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Praise for Focused

We know that God is still calling men and women to the work of foreign missions. One has to ask, ”Why are so few answering the call?” In his new book, Focused: Avoiding Diversions on the Journey to the Mission Field, Eric Kuhns takes a hard look at the reasons why many who are called never leave the comforts of home to answer that call. Using personal examples from his families’ mission field experiences, Eric quickly catches the reader’s attention and holds it for the duration of the book. I was first introduced to Focused while visiting the Kuhn’s family in Honduras. I have seen first-hand what God is accomplishing through their family. Eric writes from experience that can help others avoid the diversions that are sidetracking so many in these days.  — Harold Martin, President, FEA Ministries

“God is still calling young people into His service but the devil is clouding the path to fulfill the call and so many who have had a clear vision of what God wants for their life are losing their way. I’m convinced that if read with an open heart, “Focused” will help clear the fog and help get the young person to the field of their calling.” John Dykes, Director of Spanish Ministries, Hope International Missions

Here is wisdom! Here is drama!… Thank God for Kuhns who has brought together real-life stories that can guide you.

Here is wisdom! Here is drama! Had I had Eric Kuhn’s book when called to a neglected foreign field a lifetime ago, I might not have stumbled over the very practical realities that Kuhn describes from his own experience. I thank God for those who got me back on track, and I thank God for Kuhns who has brought together real-life stories that can guide you, too. — Galen Currah, D.Miss., Church Planting Coach, People Of YES!


About the Author

Eric Kuhns is a church-planter with Hope International Missions. He and his family have served for more than a decade in discipleship, preaching, and leadership development in the country of Honduras. Called at the age of thirteen to be a missionary, he is passionate to see other young people answering God’s call for their lives. He and his wife, Hannah, are the parents of two children, Joseph and Daniel. Learn more here.


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  • Paperback: 169 pages
  • Publisher: FEA Press, 2017
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-0692882467
  • Product Dimensions: 5 x .5 x 9 inches