In Eric Kuhn’s new book Focused, he eloquently describes the variety of detours that can hinder one from staying true to the call. This book renews passion and revives the desire not only to surrender but to follow through with the calling to go to the mission field and be witnesses for Christ.

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In Focused, Eric Kuhns writes with passion about his concern for the great number of missionaries who either never make it to the mission field or return home shortly after arrival due to entanglements that should have been avoided. Speaking from his own experiences, he points out a list of deadly traps that he had to overcome and advice to anyone who dares to set out on the same journey.

To anyone preparing for cross-cultural ministry, this book is a must-read. It is a guide through the minefield of excuses to just forget God’s call and stay home.  The road to the mission field is lined with the dead bones of promising candidates who became victims of “legitimate” diversions. Do not become one of them!


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