Help for Ukraine Refugees

The military crisis in Ukraine has created a humanitarian disaster in Europe. FEA Ministries does not currently have any missionaries serving in Ukraine. However, we have many ties to this beautiful country. Directors of HIM Europe Ed and Heather Durham served as missionaries in Ukraine for several years, and we currently have missionaries serving in countries boarding the western boundary of Ukraine in Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania.

All the HIM missionaries in the region are committed to offering aid to the many refugees fleeing the war-torn nation. Over 5 million refugees are seeking shelter outside Ukraine, and more than 7 million are internally displaced within the country of Ukraine.

Nearly 100 refugees have been cared for in Slovakia and Romania by our missionaries and national workers. In addition to hosting refugees, humanitarian supplies are being collected in Romania and taken into western Ukraine on a regular basis.

HIM is committed to helping throughout this crisis! Can you help us? Please pray for the safety of our missionary team in Eastern Europe. This tragedy is unfolding in their backyards! They need your prayers for safety. We also need your financial support. Funds donated will be given to care for Ukrainian refugees fleeing the conflict and to continue sending much-needed supplies into Ukraine.

And most importantly—pray this tragedy will point many to Jesus. Ukraine has a large population of atheists. Let’s pray for our Christian brothers and sisters in both Ukraine and Russia, but do not forget to pray for the salvation of the tens of millions who are lost without Christ.